5 essential food and wine pairings, and where you can buy wine online

>>5 essential food and wine pairings, and where you can buy wine online

5 essential food and wine pairings, and where you can buy wine online

Entering the big world of wine for the first time can be daunting.

Not only are there so many varieties of vino out there, but there’s also an entire dictionary of wine terms you’ll need to learn if you want to actually understand what you’re drinking!

It’s a lot to take in, we know.

Luckily, we know where to start. If you’re just beginning your journey to wine connoisseur, these classic food and wine pairings are a great way to make it look like you know what you’re doing with your wine.

Not only that, but they also taste fantastic and complement each other perfectly!

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Best food pairings for red wine

A mouth watering porterhouse steak with fresh vegetables and pasta

Shiraz and steak

Everyone knows that red wine and red meat go hand-in-hand.

When it comes to combining red with red however, this particular combination is one you’ll want to keep in mind.

That’s because Shiraz tends to be a more tannic wine, and is known for being full-bodied.

These attributes leave your mouth feeling drier, which makes it perfect for pairing with fattier, chewier cuts of steak like porterhouse and ribeye.

A quick sip between bites of steak clears your palate, letting you better enjoy all the flavours of your steak.

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Sangiovese and pizza

Who said you can’t pair pizza with wine? After all, it’s what the Italians themselves do!

And when it comes to pairing pizza with wine, the type that many Italians opt for when going out for a slice is Sangiovese.

The moderate acidity and savoury nature of Sangiovese helps it cut through the saltiness and fat that come with certain types of pizza. In particular, pizzas that use a lot of red sauce and cheese such as Margherita and Pepperoni pair excellently with sangiovese.

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Pinot noir and salmon

Generally speaking, most people recommend sticking with white wine when it comes to pairing wine with seafood.

However, salmon is the exception.

At I Like Wine, we like to think of salmon as the steak of the seafood world.

That’s because compared to other types of seafood, salmon has a stronger flavour and heavier oil content, which can overwhelm a white wine.

As such, we recommend pairing it with a red, just like you would for a steak.

Pinot noir is a great choice, as it has all the attributes of a red wine, only less so. It’s one of the lighter red wines around, taking up a space between white wine and heavier reds, just like how salmon sits between seafood and red meat.

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Best food pairings for white wine

Grilled salmon fish fillet with vegetables mix. Top view on dark stone table.

Sauvignon blanc and seafood

Sauvignon blanc is the default variety of white for most people.

And frankly, it isn’t hard to see why – it’s crisp, refreshing and versatile. If you ever hear someone suggesting that a certain food pairs best with white wine, they’re probably talking about trusty old sav blanc.

In particular, seafood stands out as the perfect complement to “sauv blanc”.

Thanks to its versatility, sauvignon blanc can be enjoyed with almost any seafood dish barring stronger fish like ocean trout salmon (see above).

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Chardonnay and chicken

Cooking up a chicken dish like a juicy pollo valentino or parma? You can’t go wrong with this tried-and-true combination!

You can’t just choose any bottle of chardy however – with the sheer number of chardonnay varieties and chicken dishes out there, it’s important that you choose the right pairing.

For example, richer chicken dishes like roast chicken pair best with a richer chardy – oaked chardonnay (meaning it’s been aged in an oak barrel) with fruitier flavours are good choices.

For lighter chicken dishes with less in the way of sauce and oil, you’ll do best with a lighter chardonnay. Choose a bottle that hasn’t been oaked, as one which is too strong can overwhelm the main course.

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Buy wine online with I Like Wine

There are literally hundreds of wine and food combos out there – this is only a brief introduction to some of the more popular combinations.

Hopefully, that should be enough to convince your guests that you know what you’re talking about!

Of course, knowing which wines to pair with which foods is just step one. You’ll need to learn (and taste) a lot more if you want to hold your own against other wine connoisseurs.

Fortunately, I Like Wine can help.

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Best of all, each online listing features a handy breakdown of the wine you’re looking at, including:

  • Taste and flavour
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