Where to find the best Australian wine: our favourite vineyards

>>Where to find the best Australian wine: our favourite vineyards

Where to find the best Australian wine: our favourite vineyards

Did you know that Australia is the world’s 8th-largest producer of wine, producing well over a million tonnes of the stuff each year?

There’s no denying that we punch well above our weight in the global wine market. And we have our diverse selection of vineyards to thank for that.

As befits the world’s 8th-largest wine producer, our wine regions are chock full of vineyards, each producing unique reds, whites and anything else you can think of.

Each vineyard puts its own unique spin on wine. Here are a couple of the more interesting Australian vineyards – and some of our favorites…


Our favourite South Australian vineyards

As Australia’s leader in wine production, it should come as no surprise that the state is home to countless fantastic vineyards!

Conte Estate (McLaren Vale)

Tracing its roots back to Roman times, the Conte family has a long history with wine. Conte Estate’s red wine-dominated catalogue is made with knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

So when you drink a glass of Conte Estate Rock Hill Shiraz, you’re not just getting strong, intense flavours – you’re also enjoying the fruits of years and years of winemaking tradition!

Aramis Vineyards (McLaren Vale)

If you’re in the market for exceptionally rich and flavourful wines, you can’t go wrong with anything from Aramis Vineyards.

The qualities that put that wine on so many critics’ top 10 lists also bleeds over into their other reds too, like their iconic Black Label Shiraz.


Our favourite Victorian vineyards

While South Australia might produce the most wine, it’s actually Victoria that’s home to the most vineyards out of any state – more than 600 are sprinkled throughout the state!

Lethbridge Wines (Geelong)

Lethbridge Wines is different from other vineyards: rather than coming from a family of vintners, the founders of Lethbridge Wines come from backgrounds in science.

Using a uniquely scientific approach, Lethbridge Wines produces well-balanced wines with remarkable consistency and flavour. Their reds (such as their pinot noir) feature high acidity and firm tannins, while whites (like their Riesling) are fruity and fresh.

Sedona Estate (Yarra Valley)

It’s hard to put labels on wine from Sedona Estate. Owing to their minimalistic approach to winemaking, there’s a lot of variation in taste between seasons.

What others would call a problem Sedona Estate has turned into a strength.

Purchase a bottle of Sedona Estate Sangiovese or Sauvignon Blanc and you receive a well-balanced wine that captures the unique, authentic taste of that season’s grapes.

Vineyards from the Barossa Valley in South Australia one of Australia's premier wine making regions

Our favourite NSW vineyards

As Australia’s largest state – in terms of population, at least – it should come as no surprise that NSW is home to many top-tier vineyards.

Highland Heritage Estate (Orange)

Thanks to its higher elevation, wines from Highland Heritage Estate produce some of Australia’s leading cool-climate wines.

As such, it’s no surprise that Highland Heritage Estate’s stable of wine is dominated by white wine and more aromatic reds (case in point: Highland Heritage Estate Merlot).

Penmara Wines (Hunter Valley/Orange)

Penmara Wines brings together 5 of Australia’s leading wine-making families to produce a wide variety of reds and whites alike.

Their White Ribbon range in particular are known for their drier, more sophisticated taste, making them the perfect choice for formal events and celebrations!


Our favourite Western Australian vineyards

While not as established as the other states, Western Australia’s wine producers are quickly growing in stature. Here are a couple of vineyards to keep your eye on…

Chapman Grove (Margaret River)

James Halliday’s Wine Companion is on of the most authoritative guides to Australian wine.

Chapman Grove gained its first entry in 2009, just three years after their wine first hit the market.

If you’re looking for something with an intense flavour and a firm finish, give a bottle of Chapman Grove Shiraz a try!

Harewood Estate (Scotsdale)

This winery is situated near the southernmost point of Western Australia, West Cape Howe.

The cooler seaside climate lends itself to a fruitier, more tart taste. Looking for a real summer crowd-pleaser? You can’t go wrong with a Harewood Estate Chardonnay or Riesling!

Glasses with wine. Red, pink, white wine in glasses. set of glasses with red, white and rose wine Tasting wine in the vineyard.

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