Cheers to summer! Our favourite summer drinks – and where to buy wine online

>>Cheers to summer! Our favourite summer drinks – and where to buy wine online

Cheers to summer! Our favourite summer drinks – and where to buy wine online

“Just bring a bottle!” your friend tells you about their upcoming summer celebration.

The question is… which one do you bring?

Whether you’re entertaining guests or attending a party, you’ll want to choose the perfect wine to bring along.

If you’re not much of a sommelier or struggling to choose the right summer wine, you’re in luck.

At I Like Wine, we live and breathe wine.

While everyone has their own taste, we’ve put together a couple of suggestions you simply can’t go wrong with…



When most people think of summer, odds are their minds drift to Rosé. It’s a summer cliché… and for good reason.

Of course, not all varieties of Rosé are identical!

When choosing a summer Rosé, you might like to stick to a drier drop.

In our opinion, a bottle of Ruby’s Rosé from renowned South Australian winemaker Amadio is just the ticket.

It’s crisp, dry and light, making it perfect for your summer events. Not to mention, there’s something about the way it fizzes that just screams summer!

Ruby's Rosé

We also love AT Richardson’s Chockstone Rosé from the Grampians in Victoria. It’s fruity, fun, and a little bit fancy!

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Long days and fish & chips – name a more iconic summer duo.

It’s an unbeatable combo – one you can take to the next level by bringing wine into the mix (who said wine had to be limited to fancy occasions?)

Fish & chips has a bit of a reputation for being greasy. The solution? A bottle of Riesling. It’s higher levels of acidity helps cut through grease, leaving your mouth feeling fresher.

Not to mention, many Rieslings like Brave Souls come with a hint of citrus, making them the perfect complement to seafood like fish and calamari.

Brave Souls

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Aussies love their red meat, so it’s no wonder we come in at number 7 for most beef consumed per-capita.

As such, there’s a good chance your summer will involve large amounts of red meat, cooked on the BBQ, of course!

Common wisdom says that red meat pairs best with a red wine. We don’t disagree – you can’t go wrong with a good bottle of Pinot Noir or Shiraz.

If you ask us, one summertime red that often gets overlooked is Merlot. Light, fruit-driven and smooth, a Merlot like Handpicked Wines Regional Selection is the perfect complement to barbecued and roasted meats.

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Nothing says summer like seafood.

You’ve probably heard how different types of white wine pair better with certain seafood, such as:

  • Oysters and Champagne
  • Lobster and Chardonnay
  • Scallops and Sauvignon Blanc

No matter the type of seafood, somebody’s already gone ahead and figured out which type of white pairs best with it.

But if you’re looking for a good, versatile white wine that pairs well with just about any type of seafood, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of sparkling like Jansz from Tasmania.

Not only is it great for toasting and striking a celebratory tone, but it’s also extremely versatile, pairing well with most seafood.

Another good choice is Riesling, which renowned wine author columnist Megan Krigbaum once described as “the most versatile white wine on earth”.

Both wines are high-acid, mineral-driven and unoaked – if seafood’s on the menu, either is a safe bet!

From Cuvee and Prosecco to Moscato and Champagne, buy wine online from I Like Wine!


To chill or not to chill?

That is the question indeed.

We’ve always been told that white wine is to be served chilled, and that red is served at room temperature.

However, that rule was written with European climates in mind. If you ask us, that rule needs a bit of tweaking for Australian summers!

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing wrong with chilling red wine – you just need to do it properly.

Five wine bottles chill in ice bucket on a buffet table

For starters, you can’t serve it too cold, as this will mute the flavours.

On the other hand, a glass of red that’s too warm can taste soupy, accentuates the alcohol, and makes it taste less refreshing overall.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to keep red wine between 12°C and 18°C, with full-bodied reds leaning towards slightly higher temperatures and light-bodied varieties leaning towards slightly lower temperatures:

    • Pinot noir: 12-14°C
    • Cabernet Sauvignon: 16-18°C
    • Merlot: 16-18°C
    • Shiraz: 16-18°C

Wine for every occasion

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