Brave Souls is the creation of Julia Weirich, in collaboration with Simon Cowham and Corey Ryan of Sons of Eden.

It’s foolish to imagine the famous Admella shipwreck of 1859 as something to be celebrated. Having long haunted the history of South Australia, the events of that sinking are a tale too sad to tell. It was however an event that triggered some remarkable accounts of bravery and valour. The sinking of the fated ship set in course the actions of numerous men who risked their lives to help the remaining survivors. It is those men that the name and imagery of the wines celebrate.

They have selected the characters as existed in real life, their stories all remarkable: The Whaler, Peter Donnell, who captained the first ship to set out and attempt a rescue; Able Seaman John Leach, who launched the raft into the breakers from the wreck with his colleague, Robert Knapman (after hours of battling the seas, they reached land, before walking 25km across sand and marshland to reach the Cape Northumberland lighthouse); and the Lighthouse Keeper, Ben Germain, who rode a horse to Mount Gambier to send the first telegram for help.
The name Brave Souls draws on an indelible mark on our history, and spotlights these amazing men.

Deep, bright red colour with a good tinge of purple, the bouquet foresty and slightly stemmy, with a bunchy kind of spiciness. The palate is intense and full-bodied, powerful and driving, with very good line and length.

Delicious, with a trace of licorice-like bitterness on the aftertaste and a warmth of alcohol. A very tidy wine, with power and concentration to burn.

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