Evangelista Punch Abruzzo was first produced in Borrello, a small cold mountain village, where Mayor Antonio Evangelista used to prepare himself a special drink to defend himself against the rigors of winter. He heated his liqueur at the fireplace, diffusing such a heady and intense aroma that it excited the curiosity of his neighbors.

Because of insistent and growing request, the mayor started preparing the liqueur for close friends. By 1907, Punch Abruzzo was famous and awarded several prizes and medals.

The secret formula, a masterly fusion of natural ingredients, was handed down to the mayor’s sons, and today the third generation of Evangelista’s still produce Punch Abruzzo in the old ways.

Once appreciated as a hot drink for its rich bouquet (try 10-12 seconds in the microwave) it is also enjoyed cold with ice, in long drinks and cocktails, on ice cream, cakes, and tarts. As a digestive, it is the pleasant conclusion to a meal.

Tangy fruitcake and anise cookie aromas and flavors with a lingering herbal and citrus peel fade and a long warming finish.

A hearty, rustic-yet-elegant herbal liqueur with tons of flavor, rich thick texture, and a satisfying nature.

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