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Piedmont, Italy

PescajaThe production philosophy of Pescaja deals with the creative principle called “S.C.A.”. Such principle is contained in the central part of the word Pescaja. Sca, in fact are (in Italian language) the beginning letters of the words Sun (Sole), Heart (Cuore) and Soul (Anima).

The care for the nature and simplicity is our foundation. That’s why the “Sun” is important for us: it’s synonymous of “Terroir”, the microclimate conditions, the country. “Heart”, instead, is the propeller energy of every new enterprise and it’s the creative idea that takes body day by day, the everyday life that carried by the passion for the improvement, becomes “Savoir faire”. These are the premises needed to obtain products with a “Soul” rich of personalities, unique and strong of their own style.

The years go by, everything runs as Eraclitus stated, the ideas change and the rules of the nature and its main principles let Pescaja wines never be the same, never repeat themselves. The search for a higher equilibrium maintain the “S.C.A.” principle as its own unique rule. That’s because wine is a concept devoted to history and it is rich of symbols that take root from the principles of “Ecclesia”, convivial, friendship, tolerance, peace and even from pleasure.

Pescaja attempt is not only to produce good hand made wine but also to endorse a new concept of human being, a thought, a lifestyle…