Australia has many lucious, green regions in which red wineries thrive.

Victoria, for example, has a variety of landscapes and climates that mean many types of grapes can grow, creating the different flavours and boldness of wines.

The moisture, pH, air quality, and temperature can also determine the taste and texture of each particular type of wine.

Victorian grapes in colder and moisture regions, such as the Mornington Peninsula, are more likely to be lighter in colour and less sugary. Whereas wines in warmer regions, like McLaren Vale, will have a higher alcoholic content and have a richer flavour. This is because fruit ripens faster in warmer climates.

Many occasions become more exciting with the presence of wine, even a cosy winter’s night by the fire!

But there are so many different red wines online for different occasions, so doing your research before buying is important.

Types of red wine

What qualities can I look for when choosing a red wine?

There are many different types of red wines which are created thanks to a variety of locations, climates, and ingredients.

Wine names can be hard to pronounce, but they generally help you know either the type of grape or the grape’s origin.

An example of the former is Primitivo, also known as Zinfandel wines. Primitivo is the name of the grape grown globally. The word translates in Italian to “primitive,” because these grapes ripen quicker than others.

An example of a wine being named after a region is Zenato Valpolicella. Wine of this variety is grown in Verona’s wine region.

Qualities in wine

Wines have a lot of qualities, they are more than just the bitter fluid that adults drink at special occasions.

Consider these qualities when researching what wine to buy:


Boldness refers to how dark the red, purple, or blue colouring is in the wine. The main factors that affect this are climate and the percent of tannin the wine has. Tannin is the acidic compound in wine that accounts for texture, body, and flavour.


Wines can taste herbaceous, spicy, fruity, citrusy, or woody – or a combination of these!

For example, wines like Merlot are delicate and fruity, while Sangiovese is more savoury, earthy, and rustic.

Basically any flavour you can think of can be described in some type of wine somewhere. Even leather, petrol, and rubber get used by oenophiles to describe the taste of some types of wines!


Smoothness generally refers to the lack of acidity in wine, and is associated with a wine that is “easy drinking”. This generally comes from a lack of tannin compounds and ageing, which can make it less sharp or harsh.

Any older wine is good if you’re looking for a smooth, mellow wine. Merlot wine is often regarded as one of the smoothest wine varieties.

Food pairing

When organising an occasion with wine, the accompanying food choices can make or break your event. You need a mixture of foods that compliment the wine yet balance out the bittersweetness of it.

A basic start means looking at pairing:

  • Light red wine with rich fish dishes
  • Medium red wine with white meat (e.g. chicken dishes)
  • Bold red wine with red meat
  • If you’re enjoying pre-dinner appetisers or are organising a wine night yourself, set up a beautiful charcuterie board that includes olives, sourdough bread, cheese, cold cuts of meat, honey, and fruit.

Buy red wine online

What are some popular red wines?

Some of the most popular red wine varietals in Australia are Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz.

These are popular because they are often manufactured in Australia (and thus come from regions we may have already visited!) and because of the culture and history of these wines being introduced into Australia.


Shiraz’s taste smokey, peppery, or fruity. Flavours are usually stronger and bolder. In other parts of the world, this type of wine is referred to as Syrah.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is good for new red wine tasters as it is light to medium bodied, and therefore generally easy to drink.

Pinot Noir also matches well with a wide variety of food.

The flavour of the Pinot Noir can depend on the climate the grapes were grown in: Pinot Noir grapes grown in cooler climates are known to make the wine taste leafy and dewy, while varieties grown in warmer climates can have notes of berries.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is available in excess all over the world, as it is one the most widely planted varieties of grape. Originally from Bordeaux in France, it’s now grown across the globe, from the USA and South America to Australia and New Zealand.

Improving with age, Cabernet Sauvignon (or Cab Sav, for short!) has notes of berries, herbs, and spices.

What are some other popular red wines?

Popular red wines outside of Australia are Cabernet Franc, the Nebbiolo, and the Zinfandel/Primitivo.

If you want to impress your friends for a special occasion, you might want to get a more unique drop and show off your wine expertise.

One example of a more elegant drop is the Negroamaro, which is a ripe, dark, southern Italian wine.

Fortified wines are also popular in Australia, meaning they are distilled with a spirit. Boronia All’Uovo is one type of fortified, Marsala wine.

What is the world’s most popular red wine?

Like we mentioned above, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular wine globally. One reason is because it ages very well, and over a long period of time. It also grows in versatile conditions.

What is the strongest red wine?

Generally for red wine, the rule of thumb is the darker the colour, the stronger the flavour. It can also indicate a higher alcohol content.

If you’re looking for strength, look for Shiraz, Amarone, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Barolos.

Grapes grown in a warmer climate carry more weight, contain a higher alcohol content, and have better ageing potential.

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